After your tan

It is very important not to touch the tanned skin. If this is done the colour can transfer onto hands and develop fully.

Change into dark loose clothing along with flip flops or loose fitting shoes. If it is a rainy day please ensure you are 100% covered to avoid water droplets blotching the application.  Do not shower or bathe for at least 6 hours, for best results allow 10 to 12 hours before showering. This gives the tanning solution optimum time to react and develop on your skin. Do not exercise or swim during the development period. Keeping your skin regularly moisturised will prevent the skin naturally exfoliating and therefore prolong your tan. For ultimate results it is best to lightly exfoliate 4 days after your tan using exfoliating mitts to ensure it fades naturally and evenly. During the development period the guide colour may transfer onto bedding/clothing. This will wash out, even at low temperatures.

Many of my customers purchase Sienna X Express Self Tan to top up and extend the life of their tan. It can also be used to touch in high wear areas such as the face and hands. The formula is the same as the tanning solution, ensuring an exact colour match. This can be purchased from my salon.